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Vegan Raspberry Thyme Sorbet

Vegan Raspberry Thyme Sorbet

Trust me when I tell you that this recipe for Vegan Raspberry Thyme Sorbet is spectacular. Some of you who know me know that I have somewhat of an ice-cream fetish. I have not quite pinpointed the source of my fetish and I don’t really care but I know I can crave ice-cream like a mad woman in summer. Perhaps it’s the heat of summer that makes me crave ice cream. I am pretty pitta and ice-cream is cooling so perhaps I just need it ; ).

It’s a dangerous addiction though. We have two really great ice cream parlors just around the corner (Ijscuypje and Pisa) and I am not kidding when I tell you that in summer I will go out to buy ice cream almost every single day. Perhaps it’s the sweetness I crave or the cooling effect of an ice-cream to calm down my fiery personality.

The last few days the temperature has been rising. This weekend was lit up by a bright blue sky and a gorgeous warming sun. Now I think about it, I have been feeling ‘hot’ in my body this weekend. In winter, I tend to feel cold and I find it hard to warm up so I need stay active and eat hearty food. These warm and sunny days offer a sharp contract to snowy and ice days we had before. Instead of craving warm soups and hearty stews, I now have an appetite for fresh fruit, salads and, of course, ice-cream.

With a hint of summer in the air, I could not resist getting some ice-cream again. As the ice-cream parlors are still closed, the only way to have decent (and healthy) ice cream is to make my own. With my partner gone for the evening, I decided to spend my Saturday evening experimenting with my ice cream maker. As usually my kitchen was a big mess, an explosion of pomegranate seeds wheat grass juice, raspberries, lemon peel and much much more. Truth be told that not all my creations worked as well as I liked them to but one of them: OMG. This ice-cream is heaven.

Technically, it’s a sorbet and not an ice cream. Plus it looks like a granita as it does not scoop well. But what’s in a name. This Vegan Raspberry Thyme Sorbet tastes absolutely amazing. It’s vegan and it’s raw. It’s not too sweet, as I like my sorbets to have a bit of a tangy taste. The fresh, juicy raspberries are the first things you’ll notice in this lovely sorbet. The lemon juice and pomegranate vinegar add a tart and tangy taste and it has just the right amount of natural sweetness from the raspberries and honey. The Thyme and the Mint in the honey add a distinctive herbal and pungent flavor. Do need I to say more?

Vegan Raspberry Thyme Sorbet


  • 1,5 cup of frozen raspberries
  • 1 lemon juice
  • 2 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 2 tsp of pomegranate vinegar
  • 1 tbsp mint honey
  • 2 cups of young coconut juice
  • a few leaves of fresh mint to serve


  • Put all ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix well.
  • Pour mixture into an ice-cream maker, churn and freeze.
  • Serve with a few leaves of fresh mint.

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