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Personal development and career coach. Yoga and meditation teacher

Are you ready to explore what you really want and create your life around what is meaningful to you?

I am Chantal Soeters, a Personal Fulfilment and Career Coach. I am here to help you explore who you truly are. Whether you are seeking personal fulfilment, or a new life direction, as your coach, I will support you in creating life that matters to you  I believe happiness comes from knowing who we we are and living a life that reflects who we are at best. When you are able to express who you are, it energises you, it sustains you, it helps you to grow.

In my coaching, I have realised that most people are not true to themselves. They either don’t know who they are and what they stand for, or they don’t dare to take a stand for who they are and what they believe in. It takes a lot of energy to behave in ways that are out of sync with your true values, your hopes, your dreams and strengths. The energy you waste by ‘being’ something you are not, is energy you can’t direct towards your work and other activities that are important to you. Old assumptions and beliefs can prevent us from being true to ourselves. It can prevent us from living the life we truly want to live.

Are you ready to take an honest look at yourself? Are you ready to do the work coaching involves in order to wake up to who you really are? As your coach, I invite you to critically examine the life that you have been living. I encourage you to reflect on who you are currently being, on what’s working for you and what stands in your way of being the best version of yourself. As your coach, I can help you to become clear on what’s driving you and on what’s holding you back. You will become clear on your unique strengths, skills and talents. You will learn how to tap into your own strengths, so you can go after the goals that deeply matter to you. You will become aware of how your inner critic sabotages your hopes and dreams.  You will find new ways to challenge your old ways of thinking, so you can keep on moving forward in life.

As your coach, I will do everything in my power to help you to go out into the world and live the life you truly want to live.  If there is one thing I like you to take away from our work together is that you feel free to be unapologetically ‘you’. You feel empowered to live the life you want to live. You are clear on what makes you thrive in life. You know who you are at best, and you understand what gets in the way of that. You recognise your fears early on, and you know what to do to stop your fear in its tracks. Your love for life is bigger than all your fears combined. You feel inspired and energised by expressing yourself fully. You feel excited about creating a life that is a true expression of who you are at best.

How we can work together

Typically, my clients work with me over a longer period of time, between 6 – 12 months. However, the journey together always begins with an open ended 3 month commitment, and before we get to that, at the very least a 30 minute sample session to connect and establish how we can work together. If you are interested, please fill in the connect form and tell me what your personal goals are and why you are interested in working with me.

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