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Chantal Soeters

Are you ready to explore and create the life and career you really want?

I am passionate about helping people live more fulfilling lives and make a positive impact on the lives of others and the world around them. I believe that we can only thrive in life when we know our strengths, skills and talents, and use what we’ve got to make life somehow better for other people. Coaching increases your self-awareness, stretches your comfort zone, and encourages you to take powerful actions that help you take your life in the direction you really want. As your coach, I invite you to become curious about yourself, to look at yourself in new ways and expand your view of who you are and who you can be in this world. I help you discover and leverage your strengths in new ways, improve your well-being and resilience, and your ability to connect to yourself and others. I help you take full advantage of your qualities and overcome barriers that may hinder your effectiveness, in the pursuit of a fulfilling life and career.

Coaching helps you discover what you don’t know and build upon what you learn

You learn and grow in a tangible way. The coaching process is action oriented. It helps you define and achieve concrete objectives. The coaching process builds upon your strengths, successes and personal resources and helps you reach higher levels of performance and fulfillment. The process provides new insights about what drives you, what matters to you, your interpersonal behavior, and preferred ways of being, thinking and behaving. If appropriate, the sessions include in-depth assessments (e.g., personality and leadership style assessments) to facilitate greater insight into your challenges and successes. What happens in between sessions is just as important as what happens in the session. As your coach, I invite you to act upon your insights and to experiment with adapting your way of being, thinking and behaving to move your life and career in your desired direction. The sessions will generate new insights, create accountability for your actions and support your development efforts through regular feedback and appropriate challenge.


The sessions are scheduled at mutually convenient times. The typical duration of a session is 75 minutes. The sessions take place online (e.g., Skype), and possibly by phone. The meetings can take place on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on what meets your needs and objectives the most. The scheduling and duration (typically 3 or 6 months) will depend on your short and long-term objectives and your preferred way of working.


Strict confidentiality is obviously applicable. This creates a safe environment where candid exchanges and open exploration can take place, which leads to genuine commitment and purposeful action, resulting in better results. To help you get the best results and continue to develop as a coach, I may, however, share any topics anonymously and hypothetically with other coaching professionals for supervision and professional development purposes.

My clients

My clients are as varied as small business entrepreneurs, bankers, professors, business developers and professional artists. I have coached over 600 hours with international clients, from various countries and in various roles and professions. I am committed to ongoing learning and regular supervision for my professional development. I am trained as a life and career coach, health coach and team coach. In the last five years, I have built my expertise in the areas of positive psychology, positive psychology coaching and positive leadership. To delve deeper into the science behind coaching, I recently completed the course “Coaching Theory and Practice” at the University of East London.

What my clients say

I recently completed a package of coaching sessions with Chantal, initially to focus on career goals. From the outset, I found Chantal extremely easy and comfortable to talk with. The sessions were structured, supportive and thought-provoking (so much so that I decided to extend the sessions for an extra few months in order to dive deeper). In the end, I came away with a range of incredibly useful tools and insights which I can apply not only to my work life but also within my personal life. If you’re looking for an intuitive coach, who will both support and challenge you, I would heartily recommend Chantal (as, indeed, I have done to a number of friends/colleagues).

Reza, Expat & Commercial Consultant

“I would want to give everyone the gift of getting coached by Chantal. In a very short amount of time, she helped me gain insight into what’s really important to me in my life. This helped me to focus on what really matters. Before, my attention was diffused. I got distracted easily and often felt overwhelmed. Chantal’s humor, positive energy and pragmatic approach helped me to get real about what I truly want for myself in life. Through a simple and effective process, she helped me discover my strengths, my core values and my deepest desires. To my biggest surprise, right after our final session, some of my deepest desires manifested into reality. I could hardly believe it. Thank you, Chantal”

Ester, Business Owner

“I had the privilege of working with Chantal for 6 months. As a female in a leadership role which consistently requires a significant amount of time while simultaneously trying to balance the challenges of my personal life, I found myself overwhelmed and unable to truly identify what I want from MY life. I found myself consistently working to complete the never-ending “to-do” list but felt that I was lacking personal fulfilment from both my work and personal life. There was no time to breathe, to reflect, or engage in self-care. In fact, the term self-care was not even part of my vocabulary. I was mentally and physically exhausted and struggling to find (and hold onto) “my happy”. Six months later, I am a different person. I am stronger. I am better able to draw my boundaries in my personal and professional life. I am better able to communicate my needs. I am better able to assert myself. And I have identified the core values that I will not compromise in any of my life decisions. I have a better sense of what brings me joy, and I no longer feel apologetic or guilty for these things but rather am learning to embrace the value in self-care. My relationship with my partner is stronger, and as a leader, I am learning to accept that although my approach to leadership may be counter to others – that does not make it wrong. I learned what my inner strengths are – my superpowers – and I’m working to use them in my daily life. I learned about the beliefs that often hold me back, and I’m working to fight against – to use them as enablers rather than disablers. I am still a work-in-progress, and I always will be. But Chantal has given me the tools to figure out how to find and maintain my happiness. Through her expertise in positive psychology, I was alerted to the ways I was (unintentionally) sabotaging my happiness. And through her kindness, thoughtfulness, and empathetic nature, she helped me find my authentic self. I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from her. She changed my life; of this I am sure”.

Josephine, Expat & Professor

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