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Yoga retreat Zeeland 2019

Yoga Retreat Zeeland 2019

Expand yourself: July 5-7 2019

This yoga retreat weekend in Zeeland (Domburg)  is designed to help you expand your horizons, break through your limitations, and connect to the essence of who you truly are. Discover how yoga, breath, meditation and living life mindfully can help you lead a more joyful, balanced and fulfilling life. During the weekend you will work on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state in different ways, creating space for reflection, for clarity, insight and growth.

The (early) morning sessions increase self-awareness, clarity and focus. They include meditation, breath work, visualisation and journalling. The creative, playful Vinyasa classes in the morning will get your body moving and stretch you outside of your comfort zone, while becoming immersed in a state of flow. The slow, mindful yoga classes in the afternoon provide a pathway into stillness by calming your monkey mind and finding comfort in discomfort.

In addition to these sessions, there is plenty of time to enjoy your surroundings, alone or with others. You can take a stroll on the beach, take a walk in the forest, swim in the sea, take a nap or read a book in the beautiful garden.

For more information about this yoga retreat weekend in Zeeland please click here.

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