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Chantal Soeters – Personal development and career coach

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My mission is to empower people to lead the lives they truly want. I would love to meet you and find out if I can support you on your journey.

About me

My desire for truly connecting with people is what drives me in everything I do. It is one of the reasons I have become a life coach. I am curious about other people, and I truly care. I want to know what makes you come alive. I want to learn about your dreams, your hopes, your fears and challenges in life. I am convinced that we can only thrive in life when we know ourselves deeply and use whatever we've got, our skills, strengths and talents to somehome make the world a better place. As your coach, I will help you explore your strengths, values and deeper desires. I will also help you explore how you unconsciously sabotage your own success and happiness. I empower you take actions that matter, that help you move toward the life you want to live. Nothing fulfils me more than seeing my clients taking back control over their lives and living their lives more fully.

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It takes courage to lead the life you want. Yet, it's also what makes you feel alive and connected to yourself, others, and the world around you. Coaching can help you increase your self-awareness and take actions that matter. It challenges you and stretches you beyond your comfort zone. You need to be willing to take an honest look at yourself and your life, to face your fears, and explore your strenghts and weaknesses. I will support and encourage you to use your new insights to stop sabotaging your own success and happiness, and take concrete and powerful actions that help you move forward in life. At the end of your coaching journey you will have reached a place where you feel equipped to do this on your own. You feel confident and empowered to continue the work of making the necessary tweaks in order to lead the life you want.

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Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation have become a big part of my life. They are paths of discipline that have helped me to stay connected to who I am and support me in living my life with intention. Yoga and meditation have helped me to get out of my head, to be more present and experience life more fully. Yoga and meditation help you to reflect on yourself, to break free from mental clutter, and expand your awareness. It breaks my heart when I see people living in their heads, feeling stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled. It's why teaching yoga and meditation is so important to me. On a daily basis, I see how yoga and meditaton can help people to come back to themselves. It brings me joy to watch people become more self-aware, let go of limiting thoughts and habits, and expand their vision of who they can be in this world.

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