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Training & Consultancy

I help people, teams and companies achieve lasting positive transformation. I have developed my own approaches to coaching, training, and development to facilitate growth and transformation. I love connecting people, ideas, and the world of lived experience, drawing from research in areas such as positive psychology, behavioral science, organizational psychology, coaching psychology, and mindfulness. To help my clients achieve their desired change I use my experience of working with diverse individuals, teams, and companies to design creative and bespoke programs.

If you want to develop sustainable solutions that work for your team, your company or organisation, I can offer expert advice and guidance . Based on your strengths and needs, I design bespoke interventions and training programs that facilitate personal and organisational growth and learning, and promote well-being for all. To deepen understanding, connection and engagement the process of learning the desired skills, competencies and behaviors is always approached in an interactive and playful way. The interventions involve custom-designed activities that fulfil your team or organisation’s specific needs and help individuals, teams and your organisation grow.

  • As a coach, I help my clients identify where they are and where they really want to be. I help them unlock their passion, tap into their stengths and close gaps between their real self and ideal self through targeted behavioral change efforts.
  • As a consultant, I help you assess your organisation’s strengths and needs to design bespoke training programs that target your unique strengths and specific needs and are aligned with your company’s vision, culture, values, and goals.
  • As a trainer and facilitator, I deliver both off-the-shelf and bespoke training programs, combining the best practices of positive psychology and leadership development with novel, creative approaches based upon my experience of working with diverse individuals, teams, and companies.

My clients and what I offer

My clients are as varied as small businesses, international corporations, national and local governments, and non-profits. Each project is unique, but I typically help teams to:

  • Engage in open dialogue to develop mutual understanding, trust, and joy in working together.
  • Explore personal strengths and barriers that hinder the effective use of strengths, and the implications for well-being, teamwork, engagement and fulfilment at work, performance, and goal achievement.
  • Leverage diverse strengths and perspectives to address business challenges creatively and effectively.
  • Increase engagement and well-being by building a culture of ownership where team members have freedom and responsibility within a clear purpose and well-defined goals.
  • Increase engagement, growth and innovation by creating a work climate where people are comfortable expressing and being themselves.
  • Increase their awareness of current team reality and performance.
  • Enhance their ability to work together (hybrid, remotely and/or cross-culturally).
  • Develop (re-)commitment around shared values and goals and concrete action plans.
  • Become conscious of leadership styles, weaknesses, preferences and the implications for teamwork, performance, and interaction with stakeholders.
  • Become conscious of and learn emotional intelligence competencies to sharpen intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.
  • Build intrapersonal and interpersonal resources that enhance mental well-being and resilience.
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