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Spring Detox E-book

Spring-detox e-book

Spring is the perfect time to re-charge your body with a detox! In my Spring Detox e-book you will find a four week guided detox to eliminate waste, heal inflammation, balance blood sugar and re-energize your body.

What’s included in the Spring Detox e-book:

  • The Dish on Detox, Detoxification and Inflammation
  • How to Prepare for a Detox
  • How to Custom Design your Detox
  • What to Look for When Buying Fod
  • A List of Foods to Avoid and to Include
  • A Shopping List
  • A List of Recommended Supplements
  • How to Support Your Detoxification Organs
  • Breathing, Exercise and Self-Care Tips
  • Meal & Snack Ideas
  • Travel and Eating out Tips

What you will get out of this Spring Detox e-book:

  • more energy
  • beautiful, radiant skin
  • improved digestion
  • a boost of your immune system
  • reaching your optimal weight
  • a deeper understanding of what foods are right for you
  • learning how to prepare clean and healthy meals
  • overall improved health

Buy my Spring Detox Manual for only 15 euros here.

Just like we need to take a shower every morning or clean our homes, we need to clean our bodies internally. There’s so many ways toxins can build up in our body. Not just the foods we put in our mouth but also the air we breathe in and the stuff we put on our skin. We live in a toxic world. We are faced with so many forms of stress in our daily lives. Our demanding jobs can wear us out. Most foods are heavily processed. Our personal care products are wrapped in plastic and loaded with chemicals. We breathe in car exhaust fumes on a daily basis. We use chemicals to clean our homes and offices.

My focus in my Four Week Detox Program is on whole foods by making use of the vast abundance of fresh produce during Spring time. Whole foods are powerful detoxifying agents. They stimulate your body’s ability to cleanse itself and promote your body’s innate healing powers. For these next few weeks I encourage you to include a wide spectrum of colors in your diet and to mix it up as much as you can. Variety is the spice of life but also the key to health! You will discover new foods and food combinations and you learn along the way how to include these foods in your diet. For all detox recipes, go to the menu Detox on my website.

Use these four weeks to take great care of yourself and to give your mind/body the attention it deserves.

Good luck!

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