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The Proud Otter

The Proud Otter Cafe

At the front of Charlie+Mary, a sustainable fashion store in de Pijp, there’s a lovely cafe called The Proud Otter that I love to hang out on weekdays. You can sit down for a cup of locally roasted coffee or have a small bite.  All the food is home-made and organic, from the scones and the hummus to the sourdough bread and the elderberry flower cordial, which they also sell here. It’s simple homely food but made with pure ingredients. One of the most delicious things I have enjoyed here is the English muffin with homemade jam and butter. It’s so simple but truly delicious. I also love the homemade sourdough bread, which Kala makes the bread herself. Making sourdough is a time consuming process, which requires patience and planning. It very rare to find homemade sourdough bread in Amsterdam. Most ‘sourdough’ breads you can buy at local bakeries use dry yeast instead of a sourdough starter or even only a ‘sourdough aroma’. Nothing beats the real thing!

The Proud Otter Cafe

Leslie Dronkers is the creative man behind the food serves at The Proud Otter, an organic caterer who supplies homemade goodies to organic shops and restaurants in Amsterdam. The Proud Otter collaborates with local entrepreneurs like local coffee roaster Stadsbranderij Noord and local artisanal ice cream maker, De IJsmakerij. In summer I come here for the affogato, which is basically vanilla ice cream doused in a cup of espresso. The ice cream here is to die for. It’s locally made with only pure ingredients by De IJsmakerij in Amsterdam. They use fresh milk from a local farm, just outside of Amsterdam. If you want to try out Affogato, I recommend trying the Cardamom or the Vanilla.

Kala Newman is also a designer. In her shop she sells jewelry, bags and other design items. Some of the items she has designed herself; others are from local designers she collobarates with. This place is about more than just food. Kala’s passion for art, food and design shows in the magazines she has on display for reading, like the local literary magazine, Das Magazin, and the food magazines, Cereal, Mood and Lucky Peach. You can also buy them here. I love picking up a magazine, while enjoying enjoying a homemade sandwich and a perfect cup of coffee. The Proud Otter has a cosy, homely feel to it.As you’re reading your magazine and enjoying your meal, you feel like your sitting in someone’s living room.

The Proud Otter is open Monday till Saturday.

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