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Chantal Soeters – Personal development and career coach

Ready to get real with yourself and live a life that is deeply meaningful to you?

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About me

I am fascinated by how people connect to themselves and to others. I have become convinced that we can only thrive in life when we know ourselves deeply, and when we use whatever we've got, our skills, strengths and talent, to somehow make life better for other people.

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I am passionate about helping you to connect to who you really are so you can live a life that nourishes your unique gifts, joys and strengths. I can help you to create a life that feels deeply meaningful to you, where you feel real, alive and deeply connected to others.

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Food is fuel for the life you want to live. Good food can help bring out the best in you. It is my way to slow down and connect to others. That's why I am sharing my favorite recipes here. Enjoy them for yourself or share them with the people you love.

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Food for fuel