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Chantal Soeters – Personal development and career coach

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My mission is to help people connect to who they truly are, and empower them to lead the lives they really want. I would love to meet you and find out if I can support you on your journey.

About me

I am fascinated by how people connect to themselves and others. I have become convinced that we can only thrive in life when we know ourselves deeply, and when we use whatever we've got, our skills, strenghts and talent, to somehow make life better for other people. I have devoted myself to exploring, studying and practicing ways to grow and deepen the relationship we have with ourselves and others. My desire for truly connecting with people is what drives me in everything I do. It is one of the reasons I have become a life coach. I am curious about other people, and I truly care. I want to know what makes you come alive. I want to learn about your dreams, your hopes, your fears and challenges in life. I want to find out how you inadvertenly sabotage your success and happiness, so you can use those insights to lead the life you really want. I want to help you be yourself unapologetically and lead your life with intention. I will help you discover your strengths, core values and deeper desires so that you can use them as an inner compass to guide you and move you forward in life. What fulfils me is when I see my clients owning who they really are, taking charge of their life, and taking courageous steps towards leading the life they truly want to live.

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I am passionate about helping you connect to who you really are so you can live a life that nourishes your unique gifts, joys and strengths. I will help you design your life around what truly matters to you. Living your life with intention is not always easy. It takes courage to lead the life you want, but it's also where you feel deeply connected to yourself, to others, and the world around you. Coaching can help you learn how to stay true to yourself and take actions that matter. It will challenge you and stretch you beyond your comfort zone. You need to be willing to take an honest look at yourself and your life, to face your fears, and explore your strenghts and weaknesses. You will use those insights to stop sabotaging your own success and happiness, and to take concrete and powerful actions that move you forward in life. You will feel supported and encouraged at every step of the way. At the end of your coaching journey you will have reached a place where you feel equipped to do this on your own. You have a clear understanding of who you are and what makes you thrive in life. You are able to regularly check in with yourself to see if your life is aligned with who you are and strive to be. You feel confident and empowered to keep making the necessary tweaks in order to lead the life you want. You live with intention and know how to take conscious actions that help you to stray true to who you are at best.

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Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation have become a big part of my life. They are paths of discipline that have helped me to stay connected to who I am, and that support me in living my life with intention. Yoga and meditation have helped me to get out of my head, to be more present and experience life more fully. I see yoga and meditation as ways to experience freedom in body, mind and heart. Yoga and meditation help you to reflect on yourself, to break free from mental clutter, and expand your awareness. It breaks my heart when I see people living in their heads, feeling stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled, living out of alignment with who they really are. It's why teaching yoga and meditation are so important to me. On a daily basis, I see how yoga and meditaton can help bring people back to themselves. Nothing brings me more joy than watching people becoming more self-aware, letting go of limiting thoughts and habits, and expanding their vision of who they can be in this world.

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  • In a very short amount of time Chantal helped me gain insight into what's really important to me in my life. It helped me to focus on what really matters. Before my attention was diffused, I got distracted easily and I often felt overwhelmed. Chantal's humor and pragmatic approached helped me to get real about what I truly want for myself in life. Through a simple and effective process she helped me discover my strengths, my core values and my deepest desires. Chantal helped me to discover my strengths, my core values and my deepest desires. To my surprise, right after our final session, some of my deepest desires manifested into reality. I could hardly believe it.

    Ester, Communications Professional, The Netherlands

  • I tend to run before I learn how to walk. Therefore I told Chantal I wanted to do a six-month coaching instead of a three-month one. In that time, and step by step, she helped me develop tools and strategies to achieve my goals: I wanted to feel good, inside and out. Changes were gradual so I had the time to process, which only makes me have great confidence in that new habits are here to stay. Chantal was amazing at all times; she is knowledgeable, experienced and kind, and she is ready to provide encouragement at every step of the road. I do feel much better, inside and out. But, most importantly, I now have a wonderful array of tools that help me navigate the good, the rough and the hectic times.

    Marie, Academic Professional, France

  • When I first started the coaching program with Chantal, I felt stuck in a life situation that I so desperately wanted to change. Our sessions helped me to identify and to stick to what's most important to me - my core values- and to start making life decisions based on them. Each session left me feeling uplifted and empowered, that change was within reach, and with a new set of tools and exercises I could begin putting things into practice. This was of course not without challenge, but with Chantal's positive and enthusiastic guidance, it meant that it was also a fun challenge, and in a playful way I began taking steps in a new direction and in a way that feels more aligned to how I want to live my life and who I want to be and am. Change was indeed within reach! I'm so grateful for these past 6-months of coaching and I will miss the uplifting guidance and teamwork, but I also feel that Chantal has helped me to reach a place where I can for now continue to do the work on my own!

    Nas, PhD Researcher, The Netherlands

  • Chantal has a strong sense of gut feeling and there is no way you can hide once she holds up the mirror that gives you quite some confronting insights. She does this without judgement, leaves space for you to look at it and experience it yourself. By occasionally sharing her own life experiences she creates a safe and playful environment. There is room for tears and laughter. I truly belief that Chantal LOVES being a coach and that is why she has the ability to listen, see and reflect in a unique way. She feels very authentic, connects with herself and therefore with her clients. This journey for me was incredibly inspiring and left me knowing I can take on the world as long as i am true to myself and my values in life. To own my life to share it with others.

    Trea, Photographer/make up artist, The Netherlands

  • I was first drawn to Chantal through her yoga teachings, for she consistently brought strong and high energy to her nearly always sold out classes. When I had the opportunity to select a life coach, I was sure that I would want to work with her in this capacity as well, for it seemed natural that her decisiveness and positivity in yoga would cross over. Now, after many sessions of coaching, I can confirm that Chantal brings a take-charge yet good-natured attitude to all that she does, and that this way of doing things has been a great influence on me as I move forward in transitioning to a new career. I am very grateful for our time together, the structure and goals that she guided me to make, and for what the future may bring! Thanks once more, Chantal.

    Serena, Business Developer, Expat

  • I had the privilege of working with Chantal for 6 months. As a female in a leadership role which consistently requires a significant amount of time while simultaneously trying to balance the challenges of my personal life, I found myself overwhelmed and unable to truly identify what I want from MY life. I found myself consistently working to complete the never-ending “to-do” list, but felt that I was lacking personal fulfilment from both my work and personal life. There was no time to breathe, to reflect, or engage in self-care. In fact, the term self-care was not even part of my vocabulary. I was mentally and physically exhausted, and struggling to find (and hold onto) “my happy”. Enter Chantal. Upon our first meeting, I immediately felt a connection with Chantal – as though she could already see the authentic version of myself and how it was buried in too much “stuff” … as though the baggage of my life was suffocating me. We spoke, honestly and earnestly, and discussed that for there to be change – I had to be willing to put in the work. It wasn’t just about our meetings, but it was about what I would do in-between our meetings. It was knowing there would be homework –tasks that are often difficult to complete both for their time required and for the confrontational nature inherent to them. It would not be easy. It would require acknowledging my own behaviours and learning to assert myself – learning to take control of my life. I went into the process fully prepared to do the work, but I will admit Chantal was right – it was not easy. In fact, it was more difficult than I imagined. It was confrontational. It was emotional. It meant stepping outside of my comfort zone, bit by bit. But as they say, growth only happens when you step outside your comfort zone. And growth happened. Six months later, I am a different person. I am stronger. I am better able to draw my boundaries in my personal and professional life. I am better able to communicate my needs. I am better able to assert myself. And I have identified the core values that I will not compromise in any of my life decisions. I have a better sense of what brings me joy, and I no longer feel apologetic or guilty for these things but rather am learning to embrace the value in self-care. My relationship with my partner is stronger, and as a leader, I am learning to accept that although my approach to leadership may be counter to others – that does not make it wrong. I learned what my inner strengths are – my super powers – and I’m working to use them in my daily life. I learned about the beliefs that often hold me back, and I’m working to fight against – to use them as enablers rather than disablers. I am still a work-in-progress, and I always will be. But Chantal has given me the tools to figure out how to find and maintain my happiness. Through her expertise in positive psychology, I was alerted to the ways I was (unintentionally) sabotaging my happiness. And through her kindness, thoughtfulness, and empathetic nature, she helped me find my authentic self. I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from her. She changed my life, of this I am sure.

    Jennifer, Academic Professional/Author, Expat

Food for fuel

Super Greens Vegetable Soup

Super Green Vegetable Soup

This super greens vegetable soup is my current favourite lunch dish. I make a huge pot of soup every week. I freeze the soup in small containers so I can enjoy it whenever I need to fix myself a quick, healthy and nourishing lunch. I typically use whatever green veggies I can find in my local organic supermarket or whatever veggies are left over in my fridge. I really loved the flavour of this soup, so here’s the recipe. It makes a big pot of soup, so you can freeze 6-8 portions.Read More