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Let the Sun Shine Juice

Let the Sun Shine Juice

This Let the Sun Shine Juice is a celebration of these lovely bright sunny days we have been enjoying lately. And even though it’s still cold outside, this sunshine makes me want to spend my days outside. It also inspires to me to add some sunshine to my food as well. I have been making bright and colorful summer salads with fresh mango and avocado and I am juicing lots of citrus fruits, like grapefruits, oranges, limes and lemons. This Let the Sun Shine Juice lets you glow from within. It is packed with Vitamin C and super-antioxidants called bioflavonoids. I make sure I use organic produce so I can juice the skin. That’s where all the Vitamin C is. Vitamin C is a great health boost as it promotes overall healing and can help reduce the effects of free radical damage to our bodies. It also aids in detoxification so it’s a great addition to your diet if you want to jump-start your whole system in Spring. The bioflavonoids in citrus fruits help to improve circulation, lower cholesterol, speed up your recovery from exercise or exercise related injuries. The beneficial bioflavonoid super antioxidants are found in the piths of Citrus fruits. This is why I always juice the whole fruit.


  • 1 Pink Lady Apple
  • 1 orange, skin on
  • 1 lemon, skin on
  • 2 pears
  • 2 cm piece fresh turmeric
  • 2 cm piece fresh ginger


  • Juice all fruits, the ginger and turmeric in a juicer.
  • Stir well and enjoy this delicious Let the Sun Shine Juice!

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About chantal

I am Chantal Soeters, a certified yoga teacher and Health Coach. I am passionate about helping YOU live a happier and healthier life. You can find me here online or teaching yoga classes in and around Amsterdam, blending green juices and smoothies in my kitchen, whipping up raw desserts and cooking up my crazy and wild food experiments.

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