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Eight Ways to Nourish Yourself

Chantal Soeters on the beach at sunset

Eight Ways to Nourish Yourself

What we put into our bodies on a daily basis is very important.  It affects our quality of life. But food isn’t our only form of nourishment. You can eat the healthiest diet for your body and still feel like crap in if you do not nourish yourself in other areas of your life. Take the time to reflect on all aspects of your life as forms of nutrition, including your career, your relationships, physical exercise and spiriruality. How are you feeding yourself at a deeper level? Are you living the life you want to live? Are you still on the right path? Are you in a dead-end job or a relationship that is killing your spirit? Do you dedicate enough of your time and energy to doing the things you love? Do you spend enough time with the people you love and make you laugh?

A major key to your health is nourishing yourself in all areas of your life. You need to look at how other areas of your life affect you. Caring for yourself is an act of self-love. How do you care for yourself? What do you need more of to feel happy and healthy?

Here are 8 simple tips to help you to take great care of  yourself and create a lifestyle that nourishes you at your deepest level:

  1. Improve your connections to the people around you. Increase the time you spend with the people you love, spend less time with people that drain your energy and clear space for new people to come into your life. Just like with the foods in your diet, determine which people do not serve you and give them less of your energy or even let go of them.
  2. Ask yourself what you need to re-charge your mind and body. Do you need to turn inward and spend your evening quietly reading a book on your coach? Or do you need to go out and talk to other people to re-charge your battery? Find your optimal balance between connecting with others and having time for yourself.
  3. Get out of your head and into your body! We spend most of our days sitting at our desks but we need movement to nourish our bodies. Our bodies are designed to move around and not for sitting long hours in a day. Exercise every day for at least 30-minutes and find out what works for you. Each form of exercise brings you a different form of energy. Listen to what your body really needs. Often when we feel stressed out and depleted, we prefer vigorous exercise to calming exercise, but it’s not what serves your body. If you feel tight and tense, look for a gentle form of exercise like yoga, walking or stretching. Vigorous exercise is great if you are looking to gain strength and focus.
  4. Let go. Take a break. Take time to step back. Get out of your rational mind and connect to your own inner wisdom. Pause and reflect upon what’s happening in your life. Quiet your mind, take a walk outside, do yoga, meditate, focus on your breath. Create moments of stillness to connect to yourself at a deeper level. As you deepen your connection to yourself, you may find yourself coping with stress more easily, forming deeper connections to others and finding more joy in your life. A 10-minute meditation at the beginning of your day can change your life.  You will be more grounded and relaxed throughout the day.
  5. Block time in your calendar for “Me-time”. This time is dedicated to taking care of yourself. Tell the people around you that this is important to you and ask them not to disturb you. You can take a hot bath, a refreshing shower or book a shoulder massage. If it’s hard to book in a lot of time because you are taking care of others, build in small moments every day. For example, dry-brush in the morning before your shower or practice abhyanga, a daily self-massage that nourishes your muscles, strengthens your body, stimulates circulation and promotes overall well-being.
  6. Practice gratitude. Start a gratitude journal. Write down three things you are grateful for just before going to bed every night. By counting your blessings, instead of your problems, you will sleep better and feel better. This is a powerful practice that will help you give a positive direction to your life. It will help you to become happier and more engaged in your own life.
  7. Create your own vision on what success, joy, beauty, health and relationships look like. Try to fit out instead of in. Shift away from living a life that is concerned with the status quo and move forward to creating a life that is uniquely your own. Let go of old ideas, thoughts and patterns that hold you back from living the life you want to live and expand your vision of what life could be like. Your life is a gift. Engage your life. Take risks, try out new things, break your old habits, be curious, begin anew. Have the courage to live your life.
  8. Expand on your positive traits. Find out what your signature strengths are and build your signature strengths in new ways, like courage, integrity, steadfastness and creativity. Think of ways how you use your strengths in your daily life and reflect upon ways in which you can use them even more. It’s when we live our lives in harmony with ourselves, with our strengths, our purpose, that we experience flow. The more you live in balance with your own nature, the more life comes towards you.


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My mission is simple. I want to help ambitious people to create a life that deeply matters to them. I do this work because I love helping people. I believe that we all have incredible gifts to share. I want to amplify the good in you and help you achieve positive, lasting change and behavior; for yourself, your people and the world around you. In my years of coaching, I have helped many coaching clients overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors to greater fulfillment. I have seen the lives of my clients shift in such positive and profound ways when they started to build their lives around their personal values, strengths, passions and joys in life. As a coach, I help people understand how your beliefs and the environments you operate in can trigger self-defeating behaviors. I help people develop their gifts and leverage their natural strengths to achieve greater success and fulfillment. Through simple steps I help people build and sustain a more meaningful life.

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