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Venkel An Organic Salad Bar

Venkel Salades

Venkel, an organic salad bar in De Pijp, just opened up its doors a few days ago. I have enjoyed it so much that I have already been there twice. I am already a great fan of SLA, the organic salad bar on the Ceintuurbaan, but you can never have too many salad bars in your neighbourhood. Venkel only uses organic produce and they make everything fresh to your order. I love the fact that they make their own almond milk. They have a great choice of salads, unique, creative and surprising combinations, such as warm carrots with black beans, cinnamon and chili with a refreshing mint-yoghurt dressings. They only have 7 salads on the menu which makes it easier to choose your favourite salad. The salads also come with creative names like ‘Do you want carrots?’ or ‘Pomptidupdoe’ or “For the Love of Lentils’.

Venkel Book

I also love the cosy, homely atmosphere of Venkel. It’s a little dark inside, but in a good way, with lovely Scandinavian style light bulbs hanging from the ceiling creating a comfy feeling. I was a bit surprised that, even when you eat in, you are served your drink and salad in a paper tray and cup. They do use 100% recycled paper. If you can’t finish your salad (you get a good sized portion and it is a satisfying, filling meal), you just close the lid of your paper tray and take the rest to take home.

If you are in de Pijp, and are looking for a healthy lunch, I recommend checking out Venkel. If you haven’t been to SLA yet, it’s definitely worth your while too, they offer a buffet-style menu so you design your own salad.


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