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My Top 10 Tips To Survive A Detox

Mango Spinach Coconut Smoothie

My Top 10 Tips To Survive A Detox

So what do you do when you’re in the middle of a detox and you cannot take it anymore? What enables you to get through when the going gets tough? Even though you know at a mental level that the side-effects of a detox or the challenges you experience during a cleanse are not here to stay, it can still be hard to follow through in those moments where you hit rock bottom. Use these ten tips to stay inspired during your detox, to stick to your goals and make your changes last.

My Top 10 Tips To Survive A Detox

  1. Have compassion. Show yourself some mercy and treat yourself. Make juices and smoothies that you enjoy drinking. Add stuff that you love like raspberries, banana or almonds. Eat some dairy-free raw choc ice cream or raw chocolate once in a while. Anything that brings a huge smile to your face.
  2. Stack up. Fill up your fridge at least twice a week, so yummy fresh fruits and veggies are always readily available. When it goes empty and there’s no yummy fresh fruits and veggies staring at you from the fridge, it’s easy to lose focus.
  3. Exercise. When you go grumpy, go for a walk outside, play with your dog or cat, or enjoy some moderate exercise like yoga to restore and cheer yourself up. Make sure you do something you love!!
  4. Bring snacks. Fill your bag when you leave home, brings some goodies. Avoid going hungry. Your bag should always have some raw food bars, apples, nuts and seeds. In the morning, bring your green juice in a thermos so you can keep sipping until noon.
  5. Buddy up. Don’t go it alone. Find friends or people online that follow the same goals as you. They will stimulate you, inspire you, especially when the going gets tough. And, vice versa.
  6. Be a joy! If you have dinner outside of your home, get something on the menu that comes close to the diet plan. But don’t go too fussy, be a joy to yourself, your friends and the waiter!
  7. Meditate. Meditating on a daily basis can help you to reaffirm your commitment, to go back to your intention. Why did you start on this cleanse in the first place?
  8. Make a change. Let the changes you are making inspire to do things differently. Take another route home. Go inside that little shop you always look into but never go in (unless it’s a candy shop off course).
  9. Get creative. Be creative with your new cooking and juicing. Have fun with it, experiment, celebrate your successes and laugh at your kitchen  disasters.
  10. Be patient! Take a look in the mirror every day and take a note that each day you look brighter, healthier, glowier. Even if you don’t.

Do you need more inspiration to go on a detox or to help you get through your detox? Read my story here.



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