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Health Nut Smoothie Bowl

Health Nut Smoothie Bowl

This high-protein Health Nut Smoothie Bowl with banana, almond butter and protein powder is a great breakfast to start your day. It’s also a great post-workout recovery meal. I recently enjoyed a similar version for breakfast at (New) Health Food Café in Sea Point, Capetown. I loved it so much that I have tried to recreate it at home with a few twists of my own. The taste reminds me of the thick and creamy cake batter my mum just to make when I was a kid. She would allow me to lick out the bowl. While I was making my smoothie, I noticed I was doing just doing just that with my blender. I was scraping every single little bit out of my blender, because I loved it so much. I like to make my Health Nut Smoothie Bowl extra thick, but you can always add more water, if desired. You can add any topping you like. I like to load mine with fresh fruit like blueberries, figs, pomegranate or raspberries and high-protein superfoods like chia, hemp and puffed amaranth. Add anything you like, that’s the best part of making your own smoothie bowl!


  • 2 small (frozen) bananas
  • 4 tbsp white almond butter
  • 1 scoop (or 5 tbsp) of vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 tbsp raw honey (optional)
  • 3/4-1 cup of water


  • fresh blueberries
  • hemp seeds
  • chia seeds
  • glutenfree-free granola


  • Blend all smoothie ingredients in a high-speed blender. Scrape blender as required.
  • Add more water if required. I like my smoothie thick and creamy but you can always add more water, if desired.
  • Add smoothie ingredients to a breakfast bowl.
  • Top with your favorite toppings above and enjoy your Health Nut Smoothie Bowl!

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About chantal

I am Chantal Soeters, a certified yoga teacher and Health Coach. I am passionate about helping YOU live a happier and healthier life. You can find me here online or teaching yoga classes in and around Amsterdam, blending green juices and smoothies in my kitchen, whipping up raw desserts and cooking up my crazy and wild food experiments.

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