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Super Greens Vegetable Soup

This super greens vegetable soup is my current favourite lunch dish. I make a huge pot of soup every week. I freeze the soup in small containers so I can enjoy it whenever I need to fix myself a quick, healthy and nourishing lunch. I typically use whatever green veggies I can find in my local organic supermarket or whatever veggies are left over in my fridge. I really loved the flavour of this soup, so here’s the recipe. It makes a big pot of soup, so you can freeze 6-8 portions.Read More

Energy Balancing Yoga Retreat 2016

Treat yourself to an invigorating retreat in the Swiss mountains. A magical retreat for you to reconnect, restore and renew. The one thing we never seem to have time for is ourselves. Discover how yoga, healthy food and connecting with yourself and nature can help you to de-stress, restore energy and get more focus. The daily yoga sessions are balanced with plenty of free time for you to relax in the beautiful Spa and to take in the breathtaking natural surroundings as well as time to connect with one another through outdoor activities, like hiking, walking and cycling.Read More