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Private Yoga

Chantal lives and teaches yoga in Amsterdam and The Hague. Since yoga helped her heal from a serious neck injury when other treatments failed, she acquired a special interest in the application of yoga as therapy. Yoga is an incredible powerful tool for transformation and  healing.

Chantal continues to be intrigued and amazed by the intelligence of the human body and its innate capacity for healing. She travels all over the world to study with world-renowned yoga teachers and therapists that apply biomechanical principles of a alignment to align the mind and body. In her own body and in her student’s bodies, these principles have proven to effectively heal actual injuries but have also helped  transform and deepen the practice of yoga.

In her private sessions, Chantal emphasizes safety through alignment and encourages a mindful and playful home practice. Through clear, concise, and skillful instructions, you will learn how to bring your body back to its natural state, a state of ease and calm. By giving you creative therapeutic adjustments, she will help you to bring your body back to optimal alignment.

Chantal is known for her enthusiasm, her dedication and her compassion. Her teaching style is precise, accessible and uplifting, always looking for possibility first, seeing your potential.  For injuries, you are in especially good hands with Chantal as she has lots of hands-on experience in the classroom working with students with actual injuries. Chantal gives you the tools to empower you to heal your body, helping you to turn your challenges into an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the workings of your own body .

Yoga is for everyone. The results are freedom in the body, mind, and heart, and a more expansive view of life. If you want to deepen your own practice, are coping with an injury or just want to make sure your practice is safe, feel free to contact Chantal for a private session. Private classes are also a perfect opportunity to discover yoga in your own time and at your own pace. If you have never done yoga before and participating  in a group class doesn’t appeal to you, one on one sessions allow you to get all the personal attention you need.

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