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Weekend Yoga Retreat Zeeland 2014

Weekend Yoga Retreat Zeeland Chantal Soeters

Weekend Yoga Retreat Zeeland (7-9 Nov)

Fight the winter blues and stay fit and healthy during the winter months

During this Weekend Yoga Retreat in Zeeland you will learn how to prevent the winter blues through yoga, breathing exercises and nutrition. Many people feel less fit and healthy during the winter season. Winter is a time when people become less active and eat more food. The days are shorter and colder and it’s easy to find excuses to avoid exercise or eat healthy, when it’s cold and miserable outside. We eat heavier meals to warm us up like stews, roasts and soups. In the colder months when we are likely to spend less time outside, we are also more likely to reach out to comfort foods. We also crave ‘sugar’ and fats, in the from of pasta, bread, potatoes, sweets or junk food. This can result in low energy, stagnation in the body and even weight gain. We tire more easily and we get tighter in our muscles and joints. A regular yoga and exercise routine and healthy eating habits can help you to fight the winter blues. During the retreat you will learn strategies which help you stay motivated during the winter season and stick with a healthy eating and yoga routine. We explore the effect of yoga, the breath and food on our body, our energy level and state of mind. During the retreat you will be pampered with healthy, energising food, food that make you feel happy and whole. The yoga classes are accessible to all. The morning classes will be active and dynamic to energise and warm you up. The afternoon classes will be slower slower, more meditative to create space and remove stagnation from the body. You’ll walk away from this retreat with a deeper understanding of what you need in order he keep your energy flowing in your daily life.

To sign up right away click here or click here for more information. Please note that the weekend schedule mentioned on Happy Soul Travel‘s website is slight different.

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