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Recipe philosophy

Are you curious about what I am cooking up in my own kitchen, my recipe philosophy for a healthy and happy life? Food is my fuel and medicine but it’s also something I really enjoy. Healthy eating is all about balance. Making healthy choices on a day-to-day basis but also indulging yourself occasionally.

Some of the things I value the most when preparing my meals.

Keep it simple

I like to keep things simple, using only a few ingredients. Most of my recipes are easy to make and won’t take you longer than 20 minutes to prepare.

Eat with your eyes

One thing you will notice about my meals is that they not only taste good but they look good on the plate. Good-looking food is tasty and healthy food. I want my meals to be bright and colorful, jam-packed with nutrients and real flavor. My recipes will make you salivate but are also  appetizing to the eye. We also eat with our eyes, right?

Fuel with purpose

I cook my meals with a purpose. When I feel low in energy, I whip up a green juice. If I am feeling cold and depleted, I make myself a warm nourishing soup with sweet root vegetables to ground me down. After a workout, I fuel my body with a delicious smoothie to speed up my recovery.

Eat real food

All my recipes are based on real foods. I appreciate truly fresh, clean and tasty foods. Real food is real fuel and real flavour. I live primarily on a plant-based nutrient-dense whole food diet. Wholefoods are not only higher in nutrients than processed and refined foods but they are naturally rich in flavor. Once foods are refined, it tends to lose some of its amazing flavor. I also like to know what I put in my body. Processed foods often contain excessive amounts of sugar, salt and unhealthy artificial additives.

Skip the rules

You won’t find any lists with the numbers of calories , carbohydrates, protein or fat with my meals. I care about my health but I don’t believe in restrictive diets and rules. Being healthy is about maintaining a healthy and fun relationship with food.

Follow your gut

To achieve optimal health, it’s crucial that you learn to listen to and understand what your body needs. Counting calories or percentages of fat will not give you any valuable insights. It’s the quality of the calories you’re eating that matters and how your unique body responds. One person’s medicine is someone else’s poison.

Cook with the seasons

I buy my foods at a small, local organic shop that sells mostly local and seasonal food.  I never make a shopping list and simply buy what’s available. I shop twice a week so my veggies and fruits are guaranteed to be fresh. I would guess that 70% of my shopping basket consists of seasonal vegetables (mostly green) and fruits. It feels good to buy local and support local organic farms. Eating local does not only support local business but also reduces your carbon-foot print. I also cook with the seasons because it helps me to live more in harmony with nature and it creates more balance in my body. Foods that are at the peak of their season are naturally rich in nutrients and in flavor. What my body needs varies with the seasons. In summer I eat a mostly raw diet. I feel naturally lighter. I will start my day with a green juice and eat lots and lots of fresh veggies and fruits throughout the day. In winter I crave heavier soups and stews to keep me warm and grounded.

If you’re looking for inspiration to fuel your health and happiness, my recipes are here for you. Transform your health and bring joy to your kitchen today.


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