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Rehabilitation yoga

As yoga helped her heal from a serious neck injury where other treatments failed, Chantal acquired a special interest in the therapeutic benefits of yoga and the innate healing capacity of the body. If you struggle with a physical injury, like knee pain or low back problems, yoga can help you overcome your injuries. If you struggle with pain and tension due to stress or due to a physical illness, like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or cancer, yoga can help you to find more ease in your body.

The aim of rehabilitation yoga is empowering you by exploring a deeper connection to your breath and by helping you to understand the workings of your own body. Often when we experience pain or tightness, we unconsciously move our body out of alignment creating more pain and tension. When we’ll start to re-align our bodies, are bodies start to open up and the vital energy can flow more freely. Yoga works deeply on a therapeutic level to bring the body and energy flow back into balance. As a result, we naturally feel lighter, relaxed and happier. By aligning your body through the yoga poses you can release the tension and pain that has built up in your body. Yoga also helps to bring more awareness to how you engage in the activities of your everyday life, so you become aware of how you are creating tension in your body and can learn to actively release it.

Chantal offers both group classes for rehabilitation centers, wellness centers and hospitals and private sessions for individual clients.

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