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Corporate Yoga

Chantal is a yoga instructor specializing in breath-work and mindfulness. She offers workshops, team-building sessions and yoga classes for corporate businesses in and around Amsterdam. She wants to bring the benefits of yoga into the workplace to help reduce corporate stress. One of her aims is to make yoga accessible, practical and fun for everyone.

For businesses she arranges custom-made yoga and mindfulness sessions. In the workplace people are confronted with constant stress. Staring at a computer screen, making deals, breaking news, excruciating meetings, demanding deadlines and office politics – all pressures that can leave your employees feeling fatigued and stressed out.

Businesses are getting smarter by offering yoga  and mindfulness programs to their employees. Yoga has proven to be an effective stress reliever and can help prevent stress-related health issues. Corporate yoga can help release tension and fatigue in your workplace and transform it into higher concentration, more energy and increased productivity. Whether you are a a lawyer, a banker or a marketeer, yoga can help help you to stay relaxed and obtain better results in your work. After a yoga session employees will  feel refreshed and better able to deal with the pressures of today’s workplace.

Chantal offers custom-made packages to keep your employees stress-free, happy and healthy. Do you want to make your business meeting more productive and less excruciating? Why not fit in a yoga or mindfulness session so people will stay focused and relaxed. Do you want to encourage your team members to be more open, give honest feedback and work effectively together in a respectful team environment? Why not use yoga to help your team members to open up more and to stay connected.

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