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I tend to run before I learn how to walk. Therefore I told Chantal I wanted to do a six-month coaching instead of a three-month one. In that time, and step by step, she helped me develop tools and strategies to achieve my goals: I wanted to feel good in my belly, inside and out. In the process I learned that good digestive health (or general health for that matter) is not only about learning which foods are best for you, or how often to exercise. Being healthy is about balance, and about knowing yourself better in order to take good care of your body, mind and soul. Changes were gradual so I had the time to process, which only makes me have great confidence in that new habits are here to stay. Chantal was amazing at all times; she is knowledgeable, experienced and kind, and she is ready to provide encouragement at every step of the road. I do feel now much better in the inside and the outside. But, most importantly, I now have a wonderful array of tools that help me navigate the good, the rough and the hectic times.

Mariana , Phd Student

After years and years of struggling with skin problems and other vague health complaints I decided to ask Chantal for help. I had already tried many things before contacting Chantal, including changing my diet, supplemtents and skin lotions but despite my already healthy diet I never managed to find the right balance to heal myself naturally. The outcome of our coaching time together exceeded all my expectatons. I feel physically and mentally stronger. I have more energy and my skin problems and vague health issues have completely disappeared. I am grateful for the relaxed and fun way in which Chantal coached me and for all things I have learned from her.

Lydia , Business owner

Allergies and curiosity are what brought me to Chantal. I wanted to find a way to heal my body through what I put into it, and I was eager to learn how nutrition can have a beneficial effect on my life as a whole. In a relaxed, positive and attentive way, Chantal handed me tools and advice to create balance in my physical body and at the same time helped me bring structure and calmness to my daily life. Go see her yourself, you will be surprised!

Sasha , Yoga teacher

I can totally relate to Chantal's understanding of food. It’s beautiful to see how she shares her knowledge with the world. It’s also a great reminder for me to acknowledge the importance of eating yummy, healthy and beautiful foods.

Sandra , Marketing consultant

This is such a beautiful site, rich with useful information presented in such a thoughtful way.

Claire , Lawyer

Chantal’s website is the best! She sorted out my daily drama of not knowing what to cook.

Ayda, Teacher

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