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About me

I am Chantal Soeters, a holistic coach and yoga teacher. I love food and getting creative in my kitchen. Food makes me happy but also helps me to restore my balance and nourish my soul. The choices I make on my plate reflect my love for good food but also my desire to feel my very best.

“Food is pleasure but also a way to feed my body and to live the life I want to live”.

Holistic coach & yoga teacher Chantal SoetersWhen I was growing up, I did not have an easy relationship with food. For years I struggled with digestive problems and chronic fatigue. I had a love and hate relationship with food as most of the foods I loved seemed to give me trouble. For years I struggled with my health. I felt drained and depleted and started losing hope. All the while, I was confronted with a health care system that was only looking at how to alleviate the symptoms and not getting to the guts of the matter. Not one doctor mentioned the importance of diet or lifestyle in recovering my health. As no one could help me figure this out, I started on my own journey back to health.

Explore your relationship to food

I began to explore my relationship to food. I started to notice how different foods affected me in different ways. Some foods made me feel great. Other foods made me feel stressed, tired and irritated. Over a period of time, I began to crowd out the foods that made me feel bad and began to eat more of the foods that made me feel in balanced, alive and full of energy. It took me over a year to bring my body back into balance. I cut out different foods but also made changes to when I eat my meals and how I prepared them. Soon I began to feel better than ever.

Get curious

Ever since I have made huge shifts in my diet. I remain curious about food and I continue to explore how food affects me. I know how to listen to my body and to feed it in the best way possible. As a holistic coach, I encourage you to explore your own unique relationship to food, to find out what works for you. We are all designed differently. What you need and how you live your life is unique to you. No system or approach works for everyone. I can support you in figuring out what works best for you, but you are the only one who can determine which are the right foods for you. What feeds your body and soul? What makes you feel balanced, energized and alive?

Trust your gut

One thing I have learned is that you need to trust your gut, your intuition. Your gut is intelligent. It always already know what’s best for you. It always steers us in the right direction. It’s a lesson I apply to the foods I eat and to how I live my life. Our intuition connects us to our inner self but also to something bigger, beyond our selves. But with the pressure and pace of modern life, and without any effort on our side, we can easily become disconnected from our intuition, from our selves. We stop listening to what feeds us the most, which can literally take us off track from the life we are meant to live. In my coaching practice I encourage you to look beyond food and to explore the relationship you have with yourself and the life you are living. The way you think, eat, breathe, the space you allow yourself and even the company you keep affect all aspects of who you are. I invite you to take a closer look at the different areas of your life and how they affect your joy, happiness and well-being.

Hear your intuition

My goal as a coach is to help you access your intuition and to make choices on your plate and in life that reflect your own wisdom. Making decisions based on your intuition is is essential to thrive in life, to living a life that matters. There’s a wide variety of daily practices that can help nourish your intuition. In my coaching programs I invite you to slow down and simplify, to still the noise of the world, so you can really listen to what feeds your body and soul the most. So you can steer your life in the right direction and live your life to the fullest. If you want to start off on your own journey into eating and living more intuitively, my programs are here for you. Sometimes you just you need an extra hand to steer you into the right direction, to explore what works best for you. That’s what my programs are for. I will mentor you and guide you step-by-step so you can embrace the changes that are necessary for you to reach your unique health and life goals.

Are you curious about how holistic coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule an initial consultation with me today.

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