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About me

I am fascinated by people.

I am fascinated by how people connect to themselves and to others. I have become convinced that we can only thrive in life when we know ourselves deeply, and use whatever we’ve got, our skills, strengths and talent, to somehow make life better for other people. I believe that self-awareness and personal growth are key ingredients to a better world, a world in which everyone thrives.

I have devoted myself to exploring, studying and practicing ways to grow and deepen the relationship we have with ourselves and with others. I am an avid reader and a forever student. I believe in the power of continuous learning. It is what inspires me to be a better person. It is what inspires me to grow as a human being. Learning and doing things in new and unexpected ways is necessary for growth. Nobody grows by thinking and doing the same thing every day.

I am particularly interested in positive psychology and applying positive psychology to my own life and in my coaching. Positive psychology is the study of human potential, of what makes people flourish in life. Positive psychology looks at what makes life worth living; what makes a person thrive, rather than suffer. One of the founders of positive psychology, Christopher Peterson, used to say that positive psychology is not a spectator sport. This is precisely what I love about positive psychology. It is about so much more than just studying the material. It is about engaging it, gaining new insights into yourself and implementing the ideas into your life. I put what I learn into practice to become a better, more fulfilled version of myself.

Being fulfilled in my life is not just about me. When I feel fulfilled in life, my happiness is contagious. I can have a real, positive impact on others, on the people I love and the people I work with. I thrive on deeply connecting with others. I am curious about people and I deeply care about people. I want to know what makes you feel alive. I want to find out more about your dreams, your hopes, your fears, your challenges in life.

My desire for truly connecting with people is what drives me in everything I do. I believe in being real, being present, being vulnerable and caring. I believe that being real is what makes people beautiful. It’s what makes people care for others more deeply. It’s what inspires people to be better, to contribute to a better world for all.

Yoga and meditation have helped me to connect more deeply to who I am, to become more self-aware and more compassionate. I rely on these daily practices to stay present, to open up to life and to the people around me. I believe true happiness is living in the present moment. Life happens in the present moment. It is when we slow down and pause, that we can connect to ourselves and others. When we are in our thinking mind, life passes us by. When we are aware of the present, we can have experiences that are embodied, deeply felt.  Thich Nhat Hanh describes this beautifully:“Our true home is in the present moment. To live in the present moment is a miracle.” 

Yoga and meditation have also helped me to connect to my intuition, to get out of my head and into my body. I am able to tap into my intuition more and use my intuition to inform my life choices. As I love studying, reading and reflecting so much, getting out of my thinking mode is especially important. I need both to thrive, but they need to be balanced.

I love combining my intuition and my creativity with science. In my coaching, I combine intuitive and creative work with scientifically-rooted approaches based on positive psychology to help people explore who they are and what makes them thrive in life. My mission is to help people be the most fulfilled version of themselves: for themselves and for the people I their life. I want to contribute to a world where everything can thrive. That’s why I feel driven to become the best coach I can possibly be.

Are you curious about how coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule a 30 minute sample session with me today.

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